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On-Line Family Bible Study

Notes: Bible Expositor and Illuminator Union Gospel Press,

Spring Quarter 

The Lamb Worthy of Worship

Lesson Text: Revelation 5:6-14

Golden Text: Revelation 5:12


Related Scriptures: John 1:29-34; Revelation 20:1-6


Time: A.D. 96                                                                Place: from Patmos


Devotion: Song/Prayer/Song/ Scripture Reading/doxology/Lord’s Prayer



Youth Lesson Video:


We are to praise and honor God every day of our lives and will continue to do so throughout all eternity. God does not need our praise since He is perfect and has no needs, but we certainly have a deep-seated need within our souls to praise Him.

The most wonderful thing we Can have in our lives is a right relationship with God. It is impossible for a human being to be fulfilled without this, for we would always have a “God-shaped void” in our inner being. Without the new birth through Jesus Christ, we are dead spiritually and incapable of knowing or responding to God, incapable of being rightly related to Him or our fellow human beings. To be a born-again person, to have all our sins confessed to Him and forsaken, and to be yielded to His Holy Spirit puts us in the right place spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

(Bible Expositor and Illuminator Union Gospel Press, Spring Quarter 2024).

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